Ned Vizzini’s It’s Kind Of A Funny Story


After having completed Ned Vizzini’s It’s Kind Of A Funny Story, I am keen to read his other novels! Ned Vizzini is the writer of It’s Kind Of A Funny Story, which was nominated for several awards such as the American Library Association’s list of Best Books for Young Adults and the Abe Lincoln Award Master List. I want to read some other novels by this author because the book I did read by Ned Vizzini had a touching plot and the writing, in general, was interesting.

Firstly, It’s Kind of a Funny Story has an interesting, emotional plot that will hook you throughout. It is about Craig, an intelligent 15-year-old. All he ever wanted was to attend the renowned Executive Pre-Professional High School, and he does after having studied day and night to win admission. But once Craig gets into the school, he is overpowered by the school’s intense academic studies and pressure. He stresses over all the impending work and his college applications. All this stress builds up into an eating disorder, the inability to sleep and with his friends he uses pot as well. Soon later, Craig falls into depression. Unable to cope up with this pressure, Craig calls the suicide hotline and admits himself to a psychiatric hospital. Over there, he meets many other patients with their own issues. Some are amicable, while others live in their own bubble. Fortunately, his family and principal all support him throughout this difficult journey. He meets many interesting people, one being Noelle. During his time in the hospital, Craig participates in many activities, one of them being arts and crafts. There, he finds his true passion, which is drawing stylized human figure maps. He discovers that he could be an artist and his counselor suggests he transfer to an art school because he could pursue his new-found talent. This novel was so close to bringing joyful tears to my eyes. It is a poignant, inspiring, “unputdownable” book. The author has chosen such a difficult and common topic to teenagers but made into his own beautiful story. Additionally, many teenagers can’t cope with the pressure and are suicidal. Therefore, this book is relatable to those teenagers and it can be a guidebook on how to survive depression. I hope to read more books by the same author with similar a storyline.

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Secondly, the plot was well written in general. I could connect with all the characters mentioned in the book, whether being important ones or just one of the sideline characters. Also, what stood out to me was that this book was written from firsthand experiences and that made a huge impact on the reader. The targetted audience could connect with the vivid descriptions of the places and people. Furthermore, Ned Vizzini wrote about such a critical topic but still heroically made it a cheerful, humorous novel. This book was about suicide but wasn’t depressing at all. I want to read more humorous novels by Ned Vizzini because they are jovial yet the book teaches you simple life lessons such as never giving up and so on.

I hope to read more novels by author, Ned Vizzini because the narrative was interesting and relatable. Moreover, he has an intriguing writing style and you can’t put the book down.



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