George Orwell’s 1984


500_1984comparisonFor the past few weeks in class, we have been studying George Orwell’s 1984. I have chosen to write an internal monologue from O’Brien’s perspective, which takes place after O’Brien interrogates and tortures Winston. I specifically wrote from his viewpoint because he was an enigmatic character throughout the novel and I wanted to explore his feelings towards Winston’s rebellious attitude. I chose an internal monologue because this was the only text type that allowed me to explore O’Brien’s unfiltered thoughts and feelings, as there is no audience for this text type. It also allowed me to demonstrate how doublethink and crimestop come naturally to O’Brien.


Creative Piece

The dial has not been used to this degree in the past ten years and to think that Winston was the reason behind it. He would be the last person that I would think of to achieve such a feat, especially since he is so weak, helpless and feeble – his body and his mind. Winston’s inability to see Julia as a distraction is proof of his fragile mind. It is disgusting to even think that the Party has to face such pathetic imbeciles. He is not worthy of the Party’s love and protection and he definitely does not deserve a second chance; yet, the Party has to rectify him or he will become a deplorable martyr and spread his vile and ridiculous ideologies. The Russians and the German Nazis harbored martyrs too. Yes, the Russians persecuted heresy voraciously but they only wore down the criminals’ dignities and tolerance levels; they didn’t actually alter their opinions or ideologies. But the Party does not make mistakes of that kind; the Party is much more resolute, potent and astute than the petty Russian Communists or German Nazis. The Party is impregnable.

While I tried to explain this concept to Winston, he couldn’t stop thinking about his own pain and his own agony. A small mind like Winston’s cannot think about the greater good of the Party. His mind is filled with ridiculous aspirations for humanity, and this is the reason behind his treacherous disloyalty towards the Party. He is supercilious and aloof. Yes, he revels in his ownlife and it is outrageous that he finds it virtuous. Something must be done about these nonsensical ideas soon because his carefree and irrational attitude will be much more detrimental to his own well being than the Party’s. Such toxic thoughts can be lethal to a man!

Winston believes that he can save himself, that he can be a hero and that he can help overthrow the Party! It is so ridiculous that I am tempted to unperson him for even having such a thought. His mind is so deranged and insane that it would be best to dismantle it piece-by-piece and reassemble it section by section. Yes, it would be pleasing to see him worship Big Brother and he will reach that stage: the third and final stage in the re-integration process. He is civilizing in the slightest manner. After the electroshock therapies, he always gives the correct answers and it is understandable that high voltages of shocks are needed for he is an imbecile. I should use it more often because he is convalescent. I have begun to see the conviction in his eyes, which is doubleplusgood, and his ability to incorporate doublethink in factual subjects such as mathematics proves that he is ready to move to larger and more pertinent areas of topics such as freedom and politics; his transformation will be accomplished soon and like the rest, he will also be a textbook case. His failure in humility and self-discipline, which according to him was an act of rebellion, will be rectified, and he will submit to the Party, and he will pay the price of sanity…just like all of us have –

The first time I met Winston, I sensed his insurgent thoughts. He was and still is foolish to think that he can get away right under Big Brother’s watchful gaze. The telescreens and the helicopters monitor everything. Why doesn’t he understand that?

It is appalling to see his hope for a future where the proles renounce the Party’s reign and regime. They are the primary beneficiaries of the Revolution against the capitalists for we, the Party, liberated them from the outrageous and oppressive tyranny. So, they will no revolt for they have no reason. And, even if they want to rebel, they can’t because they don’t have the capacity to do so: The proles are incapable of anything but pining over lottery money and other scarce products as they are built with a small capacity brain. They are also emotionally charged, which renders them incapable of acting without feeling, the greatest weakness of humanity. And, the Party is gracious enough to let them reside in areas that are specially designed for them. Yes, the Party is so magnanimous and tolerant with the proles. Proles and Animals are free. What a liberating and resounding idea! –

Even back then, Winston’s mind was limited, but now it seems to have become intransigent and unorthodox for he relies on his own memories, thoughts, and perceptions to navigate and understand the world around him. His belief in an external reality is shallow and untenable, as he assumes that his perception of the world is unquestionable and unalterable. But, reality is only accountable in the mind of the Party because they are the ones who control minds, thus manipulating the way individuals perceive it. The Party is impregnable in all matters, even the sciences, a subject that Winston holds very dearly. These concepts need to be clarified even if Winston’s mind is parochial. Re-teaching it to him is the only solution, and this will only be possible if he is vulnerable enough to accept new ideologies. Another session with the dials should be enough.

Winston is finally rectifying. He can only hope that he is shot while his mind is still clean. The final hurdle before his re-integration into society is Room 101. His greatest fear is understandably Big Brother and the Party claiming power for eternity –

The fear isn’t understandable; it is inconceivable. And after all, his fear has to have changed for he no longer detests the Party. One of Winston’s more tangible fears would be the rats. I must ask the lab assistants to keep them ready.

A room full of rats? Messy.

A rat in his pants? Already done.

Rats in a cage? Feasible, but uncreative.

Rats in a cage shaped like a mask to cover his face. Perfect!

Julia will be forgotten.



Orwell, George. 1984. London, Penguin, 2011.


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