6 Underrated Words With GIFs

I came across a Buzzfeed article 28 Underused Words You Really Need To Start Using and I was surprised by some of the words that aptly described how I felt but I never even bothered to use. So, I decided to write this post, dedicating it to all those underrated words.

1. Hebetude

Definition: Lethargy
Sentence: It’s the hebetude of the citizens that allows the crooked mayor to remain in office.

2. Paroxysm

Definition: A sudden outburst of emotion
Sentence: He went into paroxysms of laughter.

3. Fantods

Definition: State of extreme anxiety
Sentence: We all developed the fantods when the plane was late in arriving.

4. Crapulent

Definition: Sick from excessive eating or drinking
Sentence: I was crapulent after eating two Happy Meals from McDonald’s.

5. Imbroglio

Definition: A confused, embarrassing situation
Sentence: The hostages found themselves in an imbroglio when the two kidnappers began to fight.

6. Acedia

Definition: Laziness, indifference
Sentence: Acedia, in particular, could shake the very foundations of monastic life: once a monk succumbed to the notion that his efforts at daily prayer and contemplation were futile, life looked like a prison sentence, day after day of nothingness.

Hope you enjoyed this post. To find out more about words and their origins, check out my post on etymology.




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